Norse Mythology #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Neil Gaiman and P Craig Russell

Art by P Craig Russell, Mike Mignola an Jerry Ordway

Colors by Lovern Kindzierski and Dave Stewart

Letters by Galen Showman

The Rundown: The stories of the nine realms, how Odin lost his eye and Thor’s challenge to Loki are featured.

Three stories recount the age of the Norse Gods including one that tells of the world tree and its connections to the nine realms. It tells of each world and the unique and varied beings who inhabit them.

Another story tells of how the Asgardian god Odin lost his eye in a quest for wisdom. The third story tells of the rivalry between Thor and Loki after the god of mischief decides to play a trick on Thor’s wife Sif. A trick that Loki will expand on by going to two sets of dwarves to find a solution.

The Story: Neil Gaiman is a master storyteller and I’ve been looking forward to this adaptation of his novel. Unfortunately, this issue feels more academic than narrative. I never got a sense of story or conflict. There wasn’t anything that could connect me to the characters as a reader and the experience felt more like sitting in a classroom rather than immersing myself in a story.

The Art: Russell, Mignola and Ordway deliver some impressive visuals in this issue, but their art can’t transcend the feeling that I’m experiencing a lecture rather than reading a story.

Norse Mythology #1



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