Nightwing #94

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor and Tom King

Art by Geraldo Borges and Josh Adams

Colors by Adriano Lucas and Hi-Fi

Letters by Wes Abbott and Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Melinda Zucco‘s position is compromised after Nightwing takes down Commissioner Maclean. Neal Adams’s contribution to comics is acknowledged.

Commissioner Maclean goes on the lam after being named in the attack on o Haven. However, he soon has a run in with Nightwing and is subsequently left to the authorities. Soon a new Commissioner is announced much to the ire of Blockbuster. The crime lord then contacts Melinda, and after a veiled threat, he takes her to the location of an informant. Melinda quickly becomes a target after making contact with Nightwing and suddenly finds herself in a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Nighwing and Oracle must determine their next steps.

Neal Adams offers his advice to a legendary character and receives something interesting in return. A myriad of quotes are featured.

The Story: Taylor adds another thrilling entry to this well-crafted adventure. Since taking the helm of this long running series, the character of Melinda Zucco has been carefully added into Nightwing’s friends and family. So much so that I find myself heavily invested in her well-being. I am excited that this episode not only puts Melinda in the spotlight but adds her into a promising story arc. I look forward to the upcoming chapters.

The Endless Line
A sweet tribute to comics legend Neal Adams who recently passed away this year. This section features Adams in his own words, and quotes from those who carry on his legacy.

The Art: The A Story features interesting action scenes and emotionally connective world building moments. The modern styling and bold coloring perfectly compliment the tone of the narrative. The B Story uses traditional comic book styling and realistic detailed drawing to highlight its subject and add substantive weight to the dialogue given.

Nightwing #94



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