Nightwing #88

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Bruno Redondo

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: As Dick Grayson breaks ground on a new project, enemies plan his demise, and old friends come to his aide.

In the opening scene, Nightwing narrates his feelings regarding Bludhaven. Later on, Nightwing return to his home, where he and Babs have an interesting conversation regarding recent events. Afterwards, Dick Grayson attends an important event. While there, he is faced with a series of deadly obstacles. However, he is also aided by the arrival of The Titans. The group of superheroes then make an interesting declaration that may reshape the activities in Bludhaven. Finally, a deadly villain reappears to exact havoc.

The Story: Taylor crafts an action-packed adventure that delivers some much appreciated surprises. Nightwing is a character that has a big heart and is at his best when he is surrounded by family. So, it is a delight when he is reunited with those in his circle. As Dick Grayson plans to help the citizens of Bludhaven, it is more than expected that the local crime families will have a say. But, it is very interesting to see the level of violence to which these villains will stoop. I’m curious how Dick will handle the focus shifting away from his alter ego and how many more members of his extended family will help him adjust to his new life.

The Art: Redondo does an excellent job with complimenting the tone of this story through illustration. There is a visual appeal to the action sequences that fully embodies the spirit of Nightwing, while the attention to detail creates an emotional connection to the events and characters that is fully transportive. It is impossible to view this edition without feeling as though you are a part of the tale.

Nightwing #88



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