Nightwing #83

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Bruno Redondo

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Nightwing has a confrontation with a deadly enemy. Dick Grayson makes bold plans for the future.

Blockbuster and the police show up outside Mayor Zucco’s home and demand entry. After a brief conversation with Mayor Zucco, Nightwing escapes her apartment. Soon after, he is confronted by Blockbuster and forced into a major battle with his enemies. Several days later, Dick makes plans for his future. He then seeks out assistance from a variety of his friends. Finally, Dick announces his intentions to the world in a press conference. This action draws the attention and ire of a dangerous new foe.

The Story: Tom Taylor creates a compelling conclusion to his first story-arc with this series. I was completely enthralled the entire chapter. From the high octane beginning, to the intriguing ending, this issue has everything you could ask for. As always, I am the most drawn to character interactions within a narrative. And Dick Grayson is the perfect protagonist to explore. Here, Dick faces familial reconciliations, and interacts with his friends and loved ones in an attempt to gain insight on his future. I am impressed by the way Taylor adds complexity to a character known for his steady nature. Dick’s greatest strength is in his humanity, and it is perfectly captured in this episode. I am looking forward to reading more about his adventures.

The Art: Redondo uses a detailed modern drawing style that focuses on character expression and form. This is highlighted by the bold color work of Lucas. The result is a visually appealing issue that is both exciting and emotionally engaging. The action panels are top notch, and the content heavy scenes are impactful. I found this to be a well crafted and transportive edition.

Nightwing #83



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