Eat The Rich #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Sarah Gailey

Art by Pius Bak

Colors by Roman Titov

Letters by Cardinal Rae

The Rundown: Joey Dorsey’s trip to meet the parents will give her a crash course in how the other half truly live.

Joey Dorsey is on edge. Not only is she on her way to meet the parents of her boyfriend Astor Hadley, but she is also spending the summer at their posh beach house on Crestfall Bluffs. The only saving grace is that Astor is just as nervous but for different reasons and the two find themselves working together to overcome the first meeting with the parents and their small army of servants.

Things get strange quickly when an act of kindness is met with a warning from the nanny and Joey is whisked away to an annual party to honor one of the departing servants. As she sees several prominent men leave the party early, Joey goes for a walk and discovers a shocking secret that puts her life in danger.

The Story: Sarah Gailey presents a finely crafted and engaging thriller in this first issue. The characters are interesting. The setting is interesting and Joey is compelling and relatable enough for the reader to feel a connection to her and her fears. The title of the series pretty much reveals the plot, but the journey is so well done that you become immersed in the world of these characters and anticipate what will happen next. I am thoroughly invested in this premise and cannot wait to see what happens.

The Art: Pius Bak delivers some impressive visuals throughout the issue. The style is reminiscent of romance comics and that aesthetic perfectly captures the tone and mood of the story while also disarming the reader ahead of the horror to come.

Eat The Rich #1



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