Nightwing #82

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Pencils by Bruno Redondo, Rick Leonadi and Neil Edwards

Inks by Bruno Redondo, Andy Lanning and Scott Hanna

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Melinda Zucco’s family history is explored. Dick Grayson has a surprising revelation.

Nightwing asks Oracle to halt her rescue mission when he realizes Melinda may no longer be a threat to him. Later, Melinda introduces Dick Grayson to her mother. Then, Meili Lin relates her history and relationship with the Graysons. Afterwards, Melinda and Dick find themselves in an unexpected situation.

The Story: Tom Taylor has crafted a brilliant and emotional narrative. Meili Lin’s history is heartbreaking. And I appreciate the empathetic way her story is presented. It appears that her nuanced perspective and emotional ties to the Graysons have impacted her daughter’s feelings toward their son. It will be interesting to see how Dick and Melinda navigate their new relationship. I aIso wonder how this new insight into Tony Zucco’s villainy will affect Dick emotionally. All in all, this chapter is one of my favorite’s in this series. And I can’t wait to see how this plot-line unfolds.

The Art: The art work changes from modern to traditional based on the story’s time period. Here, detailed drawings place an emphasis on character expression and form. I found this issue to be visually pleasing and emotionally connective.

Nightwing #82



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