Justice League #65

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Ram V

Art by Steve Pugh and Sumit Kumar

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Josh Reed and Rob Leigh

The Rundown: The League launches an all out assault to protect the Hall of Justice and Batman helps a new ally.

Synmar has escaped and has Superman in its sights. With the entire League fighting the creature, the potential destruction forces Naomi to hide her parents in the basement rooms of Justice League Dark, but they will discover that no where is safe. At the same time, Canary discovers Olivers connection to Checkmate just in time for them to be ambushed by Deathstroke.

In another story, Elnara discovers the fate of her friend and Batman has a way to help. A dangerous way that will take her into his powerful mind to destroy his dreams. At the same time, Merlin begins his attack on Atlantis and Aquaman and the rest of the team prepare for battle.

The Story: The Justice League main story is heavily action based and Bendis does a great job of both raising the stakes for the League as well as showing them working together. I liked seeing the Wonder Twins incorporated into the action as well as Naomi’s domestic drama. Synmar still has no personality and you could have dropped any high level villain in that moment and told the same story.

The Justice League Dark story is compelling and entertaining. Having Batman added to the mix was a great idea and his teaming up with Elnara is proving to be intriguing. The attack on Atlantis also has me excited as well.

The Art: Steve Pugh does great work with the action in this first story. The visuals are thrilling throughout. Kumar delivers some beautifully detailed imagery throughout the second story and it perfectly captures the tone and mood of the story.

Justice League #65



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