Nightwing #103

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor and C.S. Pacat

Art by Travis Moore and Vasco Georgiev

Pencils by Eduardo Pansica

Inks by Julio Ferreira

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Olivia travels to Themyscira as the Titans desperately search through Hell for a means to save her soul. Nightwing councils a young boy after a deadly incident.

Raven guides the Titans through the underworld where they soon encounter Blaze. Who offers them information helpful to their quest. Next the heroes gain access to the personal records of Neron and find something interesting. Later Nightwing is confronted by Neron and the results are surprising. Elsewhere, Olivia is taken to Themyscira by a group of Titans where the group has a strange encounter.

Night At the Circus
Nightwing questions a circus performer about an unexpected circumstance. Afterwards, a conversation with Superman leads him to a realization. Nightwing then has a heartfelt conversation with a young boy about recent events that lead to a needed conclusion.

The Story: I wasn’t sure what to make of this narrative. I thought it was a bit cheeky in its execution as the resolution of Olivia’s situation was handled through contract as opposed to combat. But I felt a bit let down as I expected a showdown of some type over the issue. On the other hand, the ending cliffhanger sets up a potentially thought provoking next chapter in Nightwing’s evolution. Overall, I think this issue served as a transition point in the series and I’m interested in what will come next.

The conclusion to the three part B story was perfectly executed. Not only was it a great example of teamwork between two superhero heirs, but the tale also did a good job of emphasizing Nightwing’s humanity and strength of character.

The Art: This issue uses a similar illustration style for both the A and B stories. I found that the use of realism, especially in facial expression, emotionally connected me to the characters in a positive manner.

Nightwing #103



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