Newburn #16

Image Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Jacob Phillips

Colors by Pip Martin

Letters by Tobin Racicot

The Rundown: Emily steps into a new role, but finds herself having to shed some dead weight.

Emily has stepped into her role as Newburn’s replacement. Unfortunately, her first case has too many strings attached to a new threat in the city and she is getting little to no help from her new handler from the Castle Natalie. A liability that has some suspicious ties that could upend everything Emily is trying to do.

As things continue to become tense and Emily begins asking the right questions of the wrong people, she decides it’s time to shed some dead weight and show how she is the natural successor to Newburn’s legacy.

The Story: Zdarsky brings this story to a satisfying conclusion that serves all of its characters brilliantly. The evolution of Emily as a character is remarkable and I love seeing her evolve and change into someone capable. I love the personal nature of this story and how it organically evolves into its beautifully done conclusion.

The Art: Phillips delivers beautiful art in the issue. The detective noir style of the story is brilliantly captured in the art with its dark shadows and stern faces.

Newburn #16



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