STL139891New Years Evil #1

DC Comics

Written by Gabriel Hardman, Corrina Bechko, Kenny Porter, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Jim Krieg, Dan Watters, Ram V, Christos Gage, Dave Wielgosz, Kurt Busiek and Vita Ayala

Art by Gabriel Hardman, Ramon Villalobos, Sumit Kumar, Aneke, Alessandro Vitti, Anthony Spay, Karl Mostert, Cian Tormey, Dale Eaglesham and Elena Casagrande

Inks by Jon Sibal

Colors by Matt Hollingsworth, Tamra Bonvillain, Romulo Fajardo Jr, Hi-Fi, Adriano Lucas, Jeromy Cox, Luis Guerrero, Dave McCaig, Mike Atiyeh and Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Steve Wands, Tom Napolitano, Clayton Cowles, Wes Abbott, Gabriela Downie, Troy Peteri, Travis Lanham, Andworld Design, Todd Klein and Dave Sharpe

A series of holiday themed stories featuring the villains of the DC universe are showcased in this issue.


The Amateur

A gas attack and a corpse cause panic in the streets of Gotham City and everyone suspects it to be the work of the Joker. Unfortunately, the clown prince of crime is occupied elsewhere and when he finds out someone is stealing his act, he goes on the hunt. A story with some impressive build up and moments, but a ending that was predictable.

Slaybells Ring

Lois and Clark are waiting for the beginning of the Metropolis Christmas Parade when Toyman decides to strike with a new set of toys designed not only to stop Superman, but to inspire kids to start playing with toys again instead of screens. Heavy-handed and not particularly compelling.

Bright and Terrible

On a wintry planet, Sinestro investigates a primitive culture he helped in his time as a Green Lantern. Finding that one of the young men he fought with took his advice to heart, he finds a society being ruled by fear in his name. An interesting story that sheds light on what Sinestro believes in, especially his definition of justice.

Auld Langs Ivy

Poison Ivy decides to try to do more to help people in the New Year and that means heading to a supervillain bar and seeing if she can help some of her old acquaintances. In trying to help, her feelings about people only seem to be continually confirmed, but she tries nonetheless with mixed results. A fun, low stakes adventure with a satisfying ending.

Winter’s Root

Wonder Woman faces off against Ares on a remote island and Diana learns that Ares has drawn her there to make amends for a past mistake. Mildly compelling story that never really pays off in a memorable way.

A Coal In My Stocking

Black Adam squares off against Santa Claus to fulfill the wish of a little girl who misses the holidays in Khandaq. An utterly ridiculous premise executed in a cute, fun and often funny manner.

New Year, New You

A new doctor at Arkham is bored with Calendar Man and his shtick until the villain decides to change things up with a holiday riot and escape. An entertaining and well written story that gives readers a new appreciation for Calendar Man.

Father Christmas

The darkest and best story in this anthology finds Chronos coming back in time over and over to help his drunken, destitute father find some way to love his son during the holidays. Each trip shows the villain the reality of who his father is and the tragedy of hoping that the slightest change might prevent him from becoming the villain he is. Incredibly well written and compelling.

Employee Appreciation

Pranskter and his team celebrate the holidays in the only way they know how, by pranking each other. Started with some promise and quickly devolved into tedious.

Little Christmas Tree

A small act of holiday kindness from Detective Montoya will send Harley Quinn on a mission to return the favor by bringing the detective some Christmas cheer. A fun story with some sweet sentiment, but not much else.

New Years Evil #1




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