Entertainment Weekly has released a collection of new images from the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi coming at the end of this year.


The magazine has released multiple new images from the movie along with collectible covers of both Luke Skywalker and Rey to get fans excited for the film directed by Rian Johnson. Many of images contain details about the plot and give some insight into the journeys these characters will find themselves on. One of the things that I was excited to see in the images is that even though Rey presents Luke’s lightsaber to him on a secluded hill-top, the missing Jedi has not been on the planet alone the entire time. The alien nuns who tend to the temple on Ahch-To along with the miniature Porgs show that there is life and energy on the planet. That life might hold the key to the mystery of why Luke chose this planet.


According to Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker, Luke isn’t necessarily running. He feels guilty.  “[Luke] made a huge mistake in thinking that his nephew was the chosen one, so he invested everything he had in Kylo, much like Obi-Wan did with my character,”Mark Hamill explains.  “He is betrayed, with tragic consequences. Luke feels responsible for that. That’s the primary obstacle he has to rejoining the world and his place in the Jedi hierarchy, you know? It’s that guilt, that feeling that it’s his fault, that he didn’t detect the darkness in him until it was too late.” 


As Finn becomes more involved in the Resistance, he becomes more and more convinced that he wants to be anywhere but where he is. Even being teamed up with Rose (who sees him as a hero) and sent on a secret mission to a casino metropolis called Canto Bight might not be enough to keep the reluctant Resistance fighter with this new group.

Check out the rest of the images, including Supreme Leader Snoke’s Praetorian Guards, and tell me what you think.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters December 15, 2017.

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