90’s kids rejoice! A fan favorite character is coming to the new revival of Ducktales on Disney XD.

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During the Ducktales panel at San Diego Comic Con, co-producer and story editor Fransico Angones revealed some concept art that showed costumed hero Darkwing Duck and his signature motorcycle. Now the leak was said to be “accidental”, but the effect has been an increased buzz about the new series that debuts this month on Disney XD.

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Having Darkwing Duck on the new series isn’t a stretch considering that Ducktales character Launchpad McQuack appeared on both shows, but it could be seen as a way of justifying a new Darkwing Duck series in the future if Ducktales is successful. Some other concept art showed new interpretations of Darkwing’s villain Megavolt as well as Scrooge’s nemesis Magica De Spell,

Ducktales premieres August 12, 2017 on Disney XD.

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