New Nvidia Shield Model Poised to Revolutionize Consoles and Streaming

Nvidia announced in their keynote event that they have made changes to their SHIELD Android TV console at this years Consumer Electronics Show. Here’s what we know so far.

The Nvidia SHIELD console upgrade allows for the streaming of 4K HDR content from both Amazon and Netflix. It will also feature Google Assistant, Google’s intelligent personal assistant software. This addition will allow for new smart home capabilities as well as new apps. The console will also allow 360 YouTube content. The company has also lowered the console’s footprint by making it 40 percent smaller without sacrificing any of the internal components.

The storage remains the same from the previous model with the basic SHIELD with 16GB of storage for $199 and the SHIELD Pro with 500GB of storage for $299. One of the newest additions to the console is the new gaming controller with haptic feedback. It’s also smaller and lighter than the previous model and Nvidia claims that it has 60 hours of battery life between charges.


As far as the experience, the company has upgraded its servers for their GE Force Now streaming service. They’ve also added an app that links directly to Steam’s Big Picture mode. The new Nvidia SHIELD console is currently available for pre-order and users who purchased the current version of the console will receive the new features via a software update later this month.


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