The Dell Canvas Offers A Solution for Content Creators

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Dell announced a device to attract the creative hobbyists and professionals that have been using  Wacom devices. The manufacturer is poised to release hardware that targets content creators and it looks really interesting.


While many are considering Dell’s new Canvas device to be an extension of Microsoft’s Surface Studio, it does seem to be a lot more. The Dell Canvas is a 27 inch interactive touch screen display. that is designed to either be placed flat on a surface or propped up like an easel. It is a standalone device, much like the Wacom tablets. It has anti-glare Gorilla Glass and comes with two different size stylus’ and an accessory called a “Totem”, which is an off-hand device that carries an exclusive version of Stardock’s Fences software. The software is used for organizing your desktop and workspace.


It can connect to anything from a workstation to an ultraportable. Design and function wise, the Canvas does seem like a useful solution for digital artists, video editors and others but it’s drafting table design and relative size might be unruly for creatives who are looking for a more portable device. It’s ability to be connected to any Windows 10 device is also a plus.

The Dell Canvas will be available March 30th starting at $1799.

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