New Mutants Dead Souls #6

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Adam Gorham

Colors by Michael Garland

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Dani Moonstar is visiting the location where Warlock had been hiding and she discovers something there that will change everything for her and her former teammates. In the present, Illyana returns to the same location and discovers a secret that prompts her to find a way to confront her employer.

Xi’an is on the hunt for Illyana and is looking to confront all of her teammates until she finds the team leader. When she finally finds her, she is reunited with her brother’s spirit which Magik has trapped in order to get some answers. After confronting her with the evidence of what she’s discovered, Xi’an brings in someone to subdue the team. Someone close to all of them and this conflict threatens to make monsters of them all.

This was a really intense issue. It went for the throat and didn’t let go. Something that I appreciated as a reader. I liked the fact that Magik was aware of what was going on and had a plan to confront Xi’an about her actions. I enjoyed the fact that there was more to Xi’an than meets the eye and that her personal and professional desires are laid out. It gives better context to the character and makes her betrayal that much darker. As a conclusion, it ends with more questions than answers, but the ending is satisfying enough to make the journey worthwhile.

Adam Gorham does a great job of complementing the intensity of the story with the art. Everything works well and I loved the surprise moment during the final fight. The final panels of this last issue are really intense and I love how this story is concluded because it leaves the door open for something really intense on the horizon.

New mutants dead souls #6




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