Extermination #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by Pepe Larraz

Colors by Marte Garcia

Letters by Joe Sabino

In a non-descript grocery store in New Jersey, young Cable decides to make his next move. At the Xavier Institute, Cyclops is dealing with the loss of Bloodstorm as well as the murder of Cable. He doesn’t want to talk to Jean, but his anger is starting to get the better of him. When the X-Men gather in Kitty’s office to make their plans to protect the original X-Men, Scott loses his cool and storms off.

As the rest of the original team go after him, they are ambushed by Cable who ends up taking Warren with him right before Ahab attacks the mansion with a new set of Hounds to command. As the team fights Ahab, Rachel is reliving her trauma at the hands of the mutant hating time travel. Trauma that is only enhanced when he tells others about what she did when she was one of his Hounds. As the X-Men fight Ahab and his forces, they are made aware too late that one of their own is a Hound as well and this might be the deadliest Hound in the pack.

Brisson continues to write a very good and deeply engaging story with this issue. There were some great thrilling moments throughout and the story does a really good job of making the moments be driven by character rather than the other way around. I like the conflicts that are playing out in the issue and I particularly like how Scott is written. He reacts the way someone his age should react to the situation and the fact that he isn’t holding back makes him a more interesting version of Cyclops. I also find myself really engaged in what the end games for both young Cable and Ahab are. Their fixation on the original X-Men makes me interested in seeing what their impact will ultimately mean for this story.

Larraz does some great work with the art. I loved every panel. I really loved how they were composed as well as all of the details in the backgrounds. All of the action was very cinematic and, combined with great colors by Garcia, gave a great sense of motion and immediacy. Can’t wait to see what happens next and get some questions answered.

Extermination #2




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