How often have you allowed yourself to dream and dream big? How many times have your pursued a huge idea all the way until completion, especially when everyone doubted your ability and even your sanity? Was the only way you could accomplish something great was with the support, encouragement and vision of a partner?



All of these questions are explored in the indie graphic novel 10,000 Miles by Todd Black. The story centers on two brothers named┬áBryce and Chris, who are known as the “Impossible Kids”. They have worked hard to achieve “impossible” goals, like building a treehouse in the tallest tree in their hometown by themselves! Achieving world records. And even, capturing a wild mountain lion. Yep, they did that! Bryce and Chris are the perfect representation of brotherhood, and nothing could ever separate them…until…they turned 18.

In the wake of their impending adulthood, the pair decide to pull off one more impossible goal; dig their way to China.

After reading the first few pages available on Todd’s Kickstarter page, I am determined to see it completed and read the final product. It’s a great all-ages story that resonates emotionally. Imagine if Phineas and Ferb got older and decided to have one last great summer before the inevitability of adulthood came to tear them apart. What I’ve enjoyed so far about the narrative of this story is the fact that it does something that really good stories should; it lets the reader dream.

If you follow the link, you can go to Todd’s Kickstarter page and check it out for yourself. Listen to the latest episode of Super Powered Fancast where Todd and I discuss the book as well as his love of the craft and his desire to pay it forward to other creators through his Kickstarter.

Todd is over halfway to his goal and I think the geek community loves great stories enough and supports creators enough to push him over the goal and have some new art in the world.

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