Anyone who was a fan o the original Ducktales remembers that there were a series of Disney shows that aired around and at the same time as Ducktales. This block of Disney animated shows, called “The Disney Afternoon” all left TV around the end of the Saturday morning cartoon era. Even though these shows featured characters from the Disney canon, there was no connection to any of the other shows.


With the premiere of the first episode of the new Ducktales series on Disney XD, we might be getting glimpses of a shared universe of these characters and the possibility that they might be returning.

The first episode of Ducktales mentions two locations within the first few minutes of the episode that are significant.

Cape Suzette


When Huey, Dewey and Louie decide to help Donald get ready for his job interview and send the babysitter to the wrong address, their plan is to hot wire the house boat and take a trip to Cape Suzette. If anyone is familiar with the city knows that it is the home of a certain charter company called Higher for Hire and a pilot named Baloo. Both the city and the character are from the series Talespin.


St. Canard

While Scrooge is sitting in his office during a board meeting, he finds himself distracted as the discussion turns to the company holdings they have in St. Canard. St. Canard is the fictional city in the series Darkwing Duck. I reported earlier that the hero who “flaps in the night” would be making an appearance on the new Ducktales series. The mention of the city could be the precursor to Darkwing’s appearance.

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In the same meeting where St. Canard was mentioned, there was a mention of the city of Spoonerville. Spoonerville is home to a certain lovable dog and his son Max. It’s the home of Goofy and his family from the series Goof Troop.

While the mention of these locations in the first episode could just be fan service, it is interesting that they would link them together after all these years. Interesting still considering that they have successfully revived Ducktales that the studio has not thought about reviving these other properties as well.



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