Marvel Comics and parent company Disney have teamed up for a new attraction for Disney Parks in California and Florida opening this summer called Avengers Campus.

One of the new attractions at Avengers Campus will feature everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and Marvel will release a new miniseries based on the attraction for readers this summer.


W.E.B. OF SPIDER-MAN #1, written by Kevin Shinick with art by Roberto Di Salvo and a cover by Gurihiru, is the first of a five-issue miniseries, based on the new Spider-Man attraction coming to Avengers Campus. It’s the perfect way to get your first glimpse of the new wall-crawling tale!

Thanks to none other than Tony Stark, a new scientific research station for the teenage heroes of the Marvel Universe has just been completed –  and Spider-Man just got an invitation to join! Working alongside some of your favorite faces from the Marvel Universe and a whole bunch of awesome new gadgets, and with Iron Man keeping an eye on the them, surely everything’s going to go great for the heroes, right?

W.E.B. OF SPIDER-MAN #1 will debut this June.

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