Naomi Season Two #1

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F Walker

Art by Jamal Campbell

Colors by Jamal Campbell

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Naomi finds life back at home to have its own set of problems as a missing friend will have her looking at home for a suspect.

After recent events that have not only put Naomi in the spotlight in her home town, but also revealed her identity, Naomi finds the transition back into being a friend, daughter and student to be difficult. It doesn’t help that her father seems to have gotten colder towards her and more serious as he tries to train her to control her powers.

Going to therapy helps a little, but all of the things that she needs to hide to keep people safe makes her turn to the only person she thinks might understand what she’s going through, Dee. When Dee offers to train her, she is excited, but when he doesn’t arrive and has been missing for hours, Naomi goes looking for him. What she discovers is a mystery that leads directly to someone she loves.

The Story: Bendis and Walker bring Naomi back in an entertaining, fun and engaging way with this issue. After coming to terms with who she is and what she’s lost, it’s interesting to see the narrative shift to how she deals with being a superhero and the duality of being both a high school kid and a member of the Justice League. I like her internal struggle a lot and the story does a great build up to a mystery that becomes more compelling with the people involved in it.

The Art: Campbell delivers some beautiful imagery on every page of this issue. There are so many wonderful visuals throughout this issue. The action is stunning to look at and the art perfectly complements the story.

Naomi Season Two #1



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