876807._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Nailbiter Returns #4

Image Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Mike Henderson

Colors by Adam Guzowski

Letters by John J Hill

The Rundown: The father/daughter reunion might be short lived as more killers move into the area.

Finch and company are trapped with the Nailbiter set free. With another serial killer making his presence known, Finch will find himself unable to stop the oncoming onslaught. When the Terrible Two arrive for a team up, the group decides that they need to move deeper into the house to find protection.


With more killers on the way and Finch injured, Alice stays behind to give them time to get away. Unfortunately, she also witnesses the new game these killers are playing. With the survivors sheltering in place, a new face arrives on the scene. One that will change everything for Finch and the survivors.

The Story: A well plotted, suspenseful and entertaining issue. Joshua Williamson knows how to ramp the action and thrills throughout this issue. Everything from the characters to the dialogue works and there is an energy to the plot that is generated by the suspense of each danger filled moment. The story progresses to a climax that is both unexpected and entertaining. Williamson has set up the reader to want to see what happens next.

The Art: Mike Henderson does fantastic work with the art in this issue. From the quiet beginning with Finch to the explosive action, every page is filled with great visual moments and details.

Nailbiter Returns #4




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