Nailbiter Returns #3

Image Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Mike Henderson

Colors by Adam Guzowski

Letters by John J Hill

The Rundown: Another serial killer murder proves that there is a new game and new rules while Alice races towards a family reunion.


Alice’s mother is still missing and she’s been kidnapped by two serial killers that were victims of a home invasion. With Finch on their tail, Alice decides to take the killers where they want to go so she can get information on where they’re keeping her mom.

When they arrive, the Nailbiter is waiting in his cell. When one of the killers tries to kill Alice, her father leaps into action to protect her. Something neither Finch nor Alice could believe would happen. Unfortunately, they don’t have time to rest because the hunt isn’t over and more killers are coming.

The Story: A non-stop adrenaline ride that didn’t flinch or let up as it brought the characters and the reader to a moment of reckoning. Not only was the issue paced perfectly, but it executed its thrills in a way that not only kept the reader engaged, but kept the story controlled in its tension. The characters are interesting and fun, but the bigger mystery behind this story is what continues to be compelling. Williamson does a great job not only with the story and dialogue, but also with keeping the mystery interesting enough to want to keep exploring.

The Art: What helps to keep this story moving as well as it does and keep the reader as engaged is the great art from Mike Henderson. The characters are beautifully drawn and there are some stunning and visually disturbing moments that capture the tone of the story.

Nailbiter Returns #3




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