ColdSpots_03-1Cold Spots #3

Image Comics

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Mark Torres

Letters by Simon Bowland

Things are cold all over for Dan both in the atmosphere and in the company he finds himself in. Desperately trying to see is daughter, Dan demands to see her with little to no regard for the situation and the people around him. The Quarrels decide to let Dan see her, even though Alyssa objects. There is something more ominous and dangerous about them and things only get worse when Dan is finally taken to his daughter.


Dan’s first encounter with Grace is both disturbing and scary. When he is finally told to leave the island, the Quarrels decide to remove him as a threat and their act triggers an event that might just bring Dan and Grace closer to each other.

This issue of Cold Spots packs a punch both story-wise and visually. Things get more interesting in the story with Dan getting more immersed in the strange events and finally witnessing them. Bunn has created some really great characters in this story and this issue expands on how interesting they are. He is also creating an interesting and scary mystery in this book. I want to know what Grace’s connection to the supernatural events happening all over is as well as why everyone from her grandfather to the Quarrels want her so badly.

Torres’ art is amazing in this issue. I loved every page. The way Torres uses shadow is brilliant and there are some really scary pages in this book that set the haunting mood through shadows in the background as well as on the faces of the characters. This is a visually jarring and beautiful book that does a great job of setting the tone for the story.


Cold Spots #3




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