Ms. Marvel Mutant Menace #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Iman Vellani and Sabir Pirzada

Art by Scott Godlewski

Colors by Erick Arciniega

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Kamala gets help to stabilize her powers as her enemy seeks to unlock her mutant ones.

Kamala’s powers are literally tearing her apart and it is up to Medusa and Karnak of the Inhumans to find a way to help her. After learning that her mutant resurrection is being affected by her exposure to terrigenesis, she is given a possible solution that could stabilize her. A solution that will take her on an internal journey that will bring up her internal conflicts.

In the aftermath, she returns home to discover that Jersey City is under attack by a zombie version of herself. A zombie version created by a former Orchis scientist who wants to unlock Kamala’s mutant abilities and will cause her suffering both psychical and psychological in order to do it.

The Story: Vellani and Pirzada add some intense and entertaining drama to this story and craft a plot that reminds me of all the things I enjoy about this character. I really enjoyed seeing Kamala define herself outside of her admiration for other heroes and come into her own as one. There’s a growing and evolving maturity to the character through her interpersonal conflicts and relationships and I really like the idea of her having a nemesis who actually admires her and what she can achieve. It adds some dynamic tension to their encounters and makes me want to see what happens next.

The Art: Godlewski delivers some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. The visuals are vibrant and fun as they capture the emotional moments and great action the story delivers.

Ms. Marvel Mutant Menace #4



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