Mother of Madness #2

Image Comics

Written by Emilia Clarke and Marguerite Bennett

Art by Leila Leiz

Colors by Triona Farrell

Letters by Haley Rose-Lyon

The Rundown: Maya decides on a new path in her life and that path will put a target on her back.

Young Maya has a heart to heart with her best friend Tiff as her power continue to manifest and she still doesn’t know how to either cope with or control them. The two have a deep discussion about deep topics and that leads her future self to tell Benny the truth about her powers as she contemplates using them to fight crime and help others. With Benny’s help, Maya is introduced to someone who will help her define her look as a potential hero.

After getting an external makeover, Benny takes her to someone who will help her work on her spiritual and emotional control. Soon an entire village of people will work together to help Maya take to the streets to help. As her star starts to rise, her actions get the attention of someone who wants her power for herself. Maya also has to deal with the return of her ex and his changed personality.

The Story: Clarke and Bennett get into some deep discussion in this issue about gender and society. The issue definitely tackles some issues that effect people today and does it in a way that isn’t judgmental or preachy. The plot continues to add great humor and heart to moments between characters. I continue to be impressed with the progression of the story in this series and how Maya’s agency fuels the story. Having her active in the telling of her story is a brilliant choice that continues to keep me invested. There are so many layers to this story and all of them come together in a way that keeps the reader engaged.

The Art: Leila Leiz does some great work with the art in this issue. The story and its art meld together perfectly with the visuals deftly matching the tone and mood of the story at every level.

Mother of Madness #2



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