Alien #6

Marvel Comics

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Salvador Larroca

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Gabe may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his son.

Iris has incapacitated both Bishop and Gabe and plans to return to Earth with Danny and hand him and the alien inside him off to someone unknown. When Bishop recovers, he stops Iris and both Bishop and Gabe discover the woman’s dark secret. After learning about her plans for Danny, Gabe is more determined to remove the alien embryo from inside his son. Unfortunately, his old friend has other ideas and makes Gabe an offer.

With little time left and no options remaining, Gabe will risk his life to leave the life pod and attempt to separate it manually in space. With time running out and the station’s orbit decaying, Gabe will face off against the creature he fears the most.

The Story: Phillip Kennedy Johnson crafts a rich, deep and emotionally engaging story in this issue. The entire arc has been compelling and this issue hits all the right marks in regards to story, emotion, action and character. There is a great level of tension throughout the issue and none of the moments feel wasted between the characters. I was impressed with where the story took its lead and Phillip Kennedy Johnson was not afraid to do some bold and interesting things with him and the rest of the characters. I am also impressed with the cliffhanger ending.

The Art: Salvador Larroca knocks it out of the park with the art in this issue. There is a beautiful mix of darkness, terror and detail in every panel of this issue and I loved the way it progressed the story visually.

Alien #6



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