Miles Morales: Spider-Man #39

Marvel Comics

Written by Saladin Ahmed

Art by Alberto Foche

Colors by David Curiel

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Miles discovers the secret of Selim’s youth and it resides in an old friend.

Miles and his new allies have broken into one of Selim’s secure facilities and discover that he has been using the blood and marrow of Peter Parker to keep him young. Determined to free his friend and mentor, Miles and the others attempt to help the aging Parker leave. Peter also tells them how Selim has been keeping the barrier around Brooklyn and that he’s using someone else to do it.

When another clone attacks, Peter decides to buy them some time to get to the person keeping the barrier in place. After escaping, Miles learns the truth about what happened to his family after Selim rose to power. Determined to stop him once and for all, Miles and the others make their way to the the palace and discover the truth behind who and what is powering the barrier around Brooklyn.

The Story: Ahmed crafts a story with great action, intrigue and heart. The plot does a great job of not only keeping things fresh in the moment, but also giving Miles a history of a world he doesn’t know. I like how that moment is told from Billie’s perspective and how it informs Miles’ choices. Everything leads to a fantastic surprise reveal at the end that makes me excited for the next issue.

The Art: Foche delivers some fantastic visuals throughout the issue. The action is thrilling and the tone of the art does a brilliant job of complementing the emotion of the story.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #39



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