Cover._SX1280_QL80_TTD_ (10)Mera Queen of Atlantis #6

DC Comics

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Lan Medina

Inks by Norm Rapmund

Colors by Veronica Gandini

Letters by Simon Bowland

All of the political intrigue, self-doubt and sacrifice have come down to this. Mera must face her wayward brother in law for the throne of Atlantis and the ability to lead the army of Xebel to war against the usurper who sits on the throne. What makes matters more difficult is that not only is the crowd and the entire country against her, but her own grandmother is scheming for her downfall as well. On top of that, Orm has decided to promise his sister Tula to King Nereus for a pledge of his support in order to take Atlantis for himself.


Mera finds herself with all of the odds stacked against her and attacked on all sides, but there may still be hope for the Queen if she can remember her training, what she’s fighting for and what is at stake if she loses. Things she not needs to remember for herself, but must try and convince Ocean Master of as well. No one is going to leave this conflict unscathed and the damage done from it will be tragic for one of the two combatants.

Abnett has written a pretty satisfying conclusion to this mini-series. One issue I had with it was the fact that I felt it deserved more pages to wrap up some of the plot threads. I did enjoy that Abnett did make this series and its conclusion about Mera and didn’t take an easy solution of having Arthur show up at the last minute to rescue her. He allowed Mera to be the queen and hero that she is meant to be and her strength and determination are what have been guiding her throughout this series and are on full display in the conclusion.

Lan Medina has some great art in this final issue and there are some really great splash pages that showcase great action as well. Medina makes good use of close ups in certain scenes and is able to convey emotion with great facial details. An enjoyable limited series that ended a little too abruptly, but helped to solidify Mera as a great character.

Mera Queen of Atlantis #6




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