Hyde Park Entertainment has optioned the bestselling Stephen King novel From A Buick 8 as an upcoming feature and the company already has someone in mind to write and direct.

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According to an exclusive in Deadline, the studio is looking to William Brent Bell to write and direct the feature. Bell is known for directing The Boy for STX along with The Devil Inside for Paramount. Ashok Amritraj, Addison Mehr and Priya Amritraj will produce the film.

The original story of From A Buick 8 takes place at a rural police station in Pennsylvania and the supernatural elements are focused on the 1954 Buick Roadmaster in the shed behind the station. The film version will feature that storyline, but according to the story, it will expand the supernatural phenomenon from the barracks shed to the town of Statler, Pennsylvania itself.


As a fan of the original story, it’s an interesting premise to expand the story to the town, but I think the story loses some of what made it special. In the story, the car and the phenomenon that follow it are a secret kept through the years by the men and women of the force. Hopefully, the film will keep some of that element and not make it a run of the mill monster movie.

Let me know what you think. Are you excited for a big screen adaptation of From A Buick 8? Leave your opinion good or bad in the comments below.

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