Maskerade #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Kevin Smith and Andy McElfresh

Art by John Sprengelmeyer

Colors by Giulia Brusco

Letters by Andrew Thomas

The Rundown: An injured Felicia seeks help from someone with an intimate knowledge of the men she’s targeting.

Felicia has been shot and returns home to the one person who knows who she is and what she is doing, Cassandra Case aka Frisky. After using the dangerous compound Chemical Eight to heal her wounds, Felicia is more determined to complete her plan. At the same time, Frisky thinks back on the events that led her to team up with Felicia.

Events that are closely tied to what happened to Felicia and her brother. Events that made her a target before she became an ally. Meanwhile, their biggest target and the most powerful person on Felicia’s list is continuing to push his dangerous agenda and will not let anyone stand in his way.

The Story: An entertaining and often amusing issue from Smith and McElfresh. The story continues to be engaging and both the characters and the world they inhabit continue to keep me both entertained and intrigued. I appreciate the back story in the issue and how it adds context to Felicia’s mission.

The Art: Sprengelmeyer delivers some great art in the issue. The characters look great and there is an awesome focus on the characters and their emotions throughout.

Maskerade #3



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