Maskerade #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Kevin Smith and Andy Mcelfresh

Art by John Sprengelmeyer

Colors by Giulia Brusco

Letters by Andrew Thomas

The Rundown: Felicia Dance finds a new way to catch criminals as the city’s dark avenger hunts for a new target.

Dwayne is starting his first day as a producer for media star Felicia Dance and learns the disturbing truth about why she has dedicated her life to hunting and exposing pedophiles. A truth that will convince him to help her even though her methods can be dangerous. At the same time, a detective working on the jumper case learns some strange and disturbing information about the victim and her ties to the city’s most powerful citizen. 

After paying a visit to the subject of his investigation, the detective learns quickly just how powerful the man is. A lesson that might be his last. That same night, a dark figure kidnaps another rich and powerful man in the city and shows him what is in store for him after housing him with her previous victim. 

The Story: Smith and Mcelfresh craft a witty, interesting and darkly comic story in this issue. Within the dark humor is some harsh reality and that is well balanced in the story with the characters. I like that this doesn’t feel like a standard revenge story and that there is a deeper mystery being developed within as well as having some engaging and surprising twists that impressed me. 

The Art: Sprengelmeyer offers some beautifully detailed art with a great visual style that is disarming to the reader. A visually enjoyable issue.

Maskerade #2



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