Marvel’s Luke Cage


Season 2 Episode 6

The Basement

Raymond Jones and his new “Hero for Hire” Luke Cage are on the run from guys packing some serious firepower. Bushmaster’s forces are moving in and they want the lawyer dead. Luke and Raymond take to the rooftops to escape and Luke is putting in some serious work to earn his fee. Work that is going to lead him to another encounter with Bushmaster.


Luke finds a place to hide out and he decides that he is going to get some answers from his new “client”. It’s another great performance by Chaz Lamar Shepherd as Raymond as the two go back and forth about what he knows and what he’s willing to tell about his relationship with Mariah and Shades. Unfortunately, Shades has his own problems and it doesn’t help that Comanche is nowhere to be found.

Misty’s problems only intensify when she tries to do her job and her boss continues to hamstring her. Her resolve is visibly starting to shred as she continues to deal with trying what’s right vs doing what’s lawful.


Mariah’s world is starting to crumble around her as the police know more about her business than she thought and her lack or preperation is called out and when she is given a choice of protection, she chooses to go out on her own. There are a lot of themes dealing with pride in this season and they all work well in contrast with each other. Even Bushmaster has a moment when he’s confronted with his actions and what they could mean for the community. It’s a powerful scene and it adds an additional layer to the character and his motivations.


Luke and Pirhahna have an awesome escape from where they are held up and Mariah finally decides to listen to Shades, but they are still keeping things from each other. Things that are starting to drive a wedge between them. All the conflict comes to a head when Luke calls out Bushmaster for a one on one fight and it is worth every second on screen. Everything in this episode is leading to something big on the horizon. The pacing and acting from everyone in it is top notch and this is definitely one of my favorite episodes of the season so far.


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