Marvel’s Jessica Jones


Season 2 Episode 5

Jessica’s anger begins to boil over as she finds herself locked in a cell as a result of being framed by the mystery killer for the death of one of Cheng’s associates. Meanwhile the killer is getting rid of the evidence of her crime and the evidence Jessica has been collecting.


Jeri comes to Jessica and lays out the facts of what the police have and what they want to know. Jessica is, of course, against the idea of giving them anything, but her hands might be (no pun intended) tied. Jeri gives her some much-needed legal and personal advice that everyone has been trying to convey to her since last season and in a rare moment of humility, it looks like she might actually begin to take it.

Meanwhile, Trish is getting over the effects of the drugs that she took the night before and her mother is there for her, which is rare. She’s convinced Trish that a cable news network wants to meet with her. Malcolm relays some information about the break in and Jessica asks him for help. It’s an interesting exchange that shows the growth of both characters. Meanwhile, we get a disturbing look at the day-to-day life of the mystery killer and the scene is creepy on several levels.


Jessica has a rare encounter with a detective that remembers what happens with Killgrave and she reluctantly finds an ally. As she gets back to her investigation, she asks Oscar for help, pretty much fulfilling the only reason he needs to exist so far. There’s also an awkward scene between Jessica, Trish and Griffin that was frankly unnecessary, but I let it go as a filler until they got back to the plot. Malcolm takes Inez to Jeri and the lawyer decides that the information the woman has might help more than Jessica.

The mystery gets deeper in this episode and the circles that separate the killer from Jessica continue to get smaller as the two of them seem destined for another confrontation. This episode flowed a lot smoother than some of the others and you could sense the desperation in many of the scenes. A well done finale to this episode peaked my interest to see what happens next.


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