E1A15C0A-571C-416D-ABA2-0562C66D19AEDoctor Strange: Damnation #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer and Donny Cates

Art by Szymon Kudranski

Doctor Strange has really screwed things up. The Sorcerer Supreme thought that bringing back the city of Las Vegas would be a good thing. For the most part it is, but he never suspected he would bring something back with it, namely Mephisto.

After the events of the last issue of Doctor Strange, Stephen is getting a lesson in how “The House Always Wins”. A lesson that was usually delivered by Pit Bosses in the 50’s. With the Avengers who were in the city at the time now under the control of the demon, Strange and the city could really use some help. Fortunately, Bats is there to wrangle up Wong and ask for precisely that. To his credit, Wong decides to help Strange, but he knows that he cannot do it alone.


In order to take on a threat as powerful as Mephisto, Wong knows that they are going to need the help of people who battle mystic forces and the recruit mission in on. Their recruit list includes some of the best monster hunters in the Marvel Universe including Blade, Elsa Bloodstone, Iron Fist, Moon Knight (who is going by Mister Knight because…..crazy.), Brother Voodoo, Man Thing and the Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider.

As Wong gathers them in the ruins of the Sanctum Sanctorum, he explains to them their roles in his plan to save Stephen and the city. As they descend on the city and put their plan into action, the full scope of what they are facing becomes apparent. As they continue to fight, a new ally appears to help them out and Wong might get more than he bargained for as he tries to rescue his old friend.

The story is moving at a good pace. I like the time the writers take to bring in the entire team as we follow Wong’s journey to get them. It does lower the stakes slightly and slow down the overall narrative during that time because we, as readers, know that the A story is being put on the back burner to bring in the new group and give us a sense of their dynamic before going back to the action. Fortunately for this story it’s not overly prohibitive, but it is noticeable in the tone of the issue.

The story does work well and it is engaging. I really want to see where this story is going and the art is a great compliment to the story. I would have liked to have seen the team building part trimmed down a little, but this is still a good story told well with great visuals.

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