Marvel’s Jessica Jones actress Krysten Ritter went live on her Instagram account today to tell her fans and followers that they will get to see more adventures of the hard-drinking super powered private detective.


The actress confirmed a story in Variety that Jessica Jones has been renewed for a third season on the streaming service Netflix. While a renewal of the series was not particularly in doubt, it is nice that the actors and creators found out this early so they can prepare for season 3.


It will be interesting to see where season 3 goes. The first season was about Jessica dealing with the personal trauma in the form of her abuser Killgrave (David Tennant). The second season has Jessica deal with the trauma of her past in the form of her superpowered and emotionally unstable killer mother (Janet McTeer). With Jessica estranged from everyone in her life including surrogate sister Trish (Rachael Taylor), will Jessica face more of her internal and personal demons in season 3 or will she take on an external threat that forces her into the role of hero?

We’ll all have to wait for those answers when Marvel’s Jessica Jones returns. Let me know what you think including your reaction to the renewal and theories about what season three should be about in the comments below.


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