IT: Chapter 2 is gearing up to begin filming and there has been news about the casting of two of the adult leads as well as confirmation of a third.

IT: Chapter 2 will pick up the story of Pennywise and the Loser’s Club after the now adult members have long ago moved away,become successful and forgotten about the events in Derry, especially Pennywise the Clown (Bill Skarsgard).


According to reports in The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, Warner Brothers is in negotiations with two actors to play the adult versions of Jaeden Lieberher’s Bill Denbrough and Finn Wolfhard’s Richie Tozier.


Bill Denbrough is the unofficial leader of the group and the one who decides to kill the clown for killing his little brother George. James McAvoy is in talks to play Bill. As an adult, Bill is a successful writer of horror fiction living with his wife Audra. When he gets the call that Pennywise is back, his childhood stutter returns along with the memories of that time. McAvoy is known for his roles in films like Wanted and Split. He’s most well-known for taking over the role of a younger Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men films.


Richie Tozier is the comedian in the group and Wolfhard’s performance was a scene stealer in the first film. It would stand to reason that the producers would want a professional comedian to take the role of the adult Richie who works as a professional DJ. Actor Bill Hader is in talks to play the role of Richie. Hader is known for his years as a member of the cast of Saturday Night Live as well as his movie roles in films like Trainwreck and Superbad as the new series Barry on HBO.


The stories have also confirmed that actress Jessica Chastain will be taking the role of the adult Beverly Marsh in the sequel. Chastain was rumored to be in consideration for the role and this site Fancast her in it as well, but it looks like she will be taking the role of Beverly. As an adult, Beverly is a highly successful fashion designer living in an abusive relationship reminiscent of her relationship with her father. This will be the second time Chastain has worked with director Andy Muschietti since 2013’s Mama.

The young actors from the first film are expected to return for the sequel in flashback sequences.

Muschietti and Gary Dauberman return to direct and write the sequel which is expected to be released September 6, 2019.

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