Marvel’s Iron Fist


Season 2 Episode 5

Heart of the Dragon

Davos takes his first steps into the world as the new Iron Fist. After stealing his powers from Danny with the help of Mary, Davos vows to be the Iron Fist Danny never was. Colleen and Misty are trying to find a way to find him.

Danny wakes up injured and Mary takes the evidence to Joy and makes her watch the aftermath of the plan she’s paying for. She then leaves her with a warning. Both Misty and Colleen go full Daughters of the Dragon as they hunt for Danny with help from Ward. Danny ends up in the hands of the kids who Colleen keeps running into and Davos unleashes his own form of justice on the criminal underworld.

Things are getting more complicated and the action is getting more intense in this episode. There continues to be a marks improvement in the fight choreography in this season and the movements are smooth and graceful in their execution. The acting is really good and I really enjoyed the evolution of Mary as a character, especially in her interactions with Joy. It also introduces some great moments with Joy coming to the realization that her revenge mission does have real world consequences.

The highlight of this episode is definitely Misty and Colleen and the interactions that they have on-screen continue to make me scream for a Daughters of the Dragon mini series with the two of them. Ward and Danny actually share some great moments in this episode and it shows Ward’s evolution as a character. It doesn’t completely redeem him as one, but it is an improvement. This episode definitely brings everything to a head in a way that can either improve as the season progresses or crash and burn spectacularly.

Marvel's Iron Fist S02XE05




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