Marvel’s Iron Fist


Season 2 Episode 4

Target: Iron Fist

Danny and Colleen are still trying to find a way to keep the triads from starting a war in the streets as Davos and Joy try to find out how Danny got the surveillance photos they paid for. They are getting nowhere with Mary and when Danny decides to go back to Mrs. Yang for answers, they discover what’s happened to her husband. After seeing for himself and getting a cryptic response from the man, they are forced to leave and run into an old friend; Misty Knight.

Apparently Misty and the NYPD have an interest in the Triad’s business as well and there is a deep cover operative imbedded with them. One that had the misfortune of running into the Iron Fist. As Danny discovers that this fight is bigger than he realized and closer to home than he would like, Joy discovers Mary’s secret. Davos finally decides to stop wasting time on plans and makes his move on the docks. What he discovers is something that will change everything for every one.

Kudos to the producers for not waiting too long to get to the intensity of this season with this episode. So many things happen in this fourth episode that allow for the rest of the season to flow without the constraints of trying to jam in unnecessary story elements. I enjoyed the symmetry of this episode and how it resolved. I did have issues with Mary and how her character arc seems to be veering into territory that leaves the character directionless. I had issues with the fight between the two of them because Danny’s reaction seemed like a throwback to the character moments that I didn’t like about him in the first season.

A solid episode that had an interesting ending, but didn’t really add much character wise.


Marvel's Iron Fist S02XE04




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