Marvel’s Iron Fist


Season 2 Episode 2

The City’s Not For Burning

The war on the streets is getting more brutal and the violence being met out by the Hatchets is getting bolder. Something Danny is reminded of when he stumbles onto one of the latest victims of the gang war.


After running into Mary again, he decides to take her to his place and introduce her to Colleen, who senses that Mary might have feelings for Danny. Something Danny is unaware of, but when Mary leaves the room to freshen up, we get a sense that there is something deeply wrong with the young woman.


We finally get to see the epic battle that gave Danny his chance to face the dragon. His battle against Davos is brutal and showcases the evolution of the fight scenes. Colleen’s hunt for answers is stalled when the shopkeeper she helped disappears and it turns out that the wife of the most powerful triad boss in the city just so happens to be staging a casino night at the community center. After being confronted by the kids she and Danny beat up the night before, she follows them to their hideout and discovers more about the war taking over the area.


I like the evolution of Ward in this episode and his ability to focus. Unfortunately, he is still running behind every other character and his attempts to get what he needs from Joy are only slightly clever. Joy on the other hand seems be lining her ducks up nicely with help from Davos and the compromises he is willing to make for the things he needs for their plan show just how desperate he is. We also get to see just how powerful Davos is.

The second episode of this season does a great job of building on the momentum of the first while also giving the viewer some new and interesting plot points and visuals to admire. There is some great drama in this episode and you wonder whether or not Danny is going to get wise to the forces allied against him before it’s too late.


Iron Fist S02XE02




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