One of the things that consistently gets touted about the Marvel Cinematic Universe it that “it’s all connected”. Unfortunately, that is a philosophy that is rarely adopted in a practical sense except in very small ways and never between the big and small screen.


Case in point: One of the biggest storylines that emerged from season 2 of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and continued through the 3rd and 4th seasons was the emergence of the Inhumans and how they affect the human race. “Terrigenesis” became such an issue that government groups were established to deal with the problem, paramilitary groups came forward to destroy the Inhumans and S.H.I.E.L.D. re-emerged as a government entity to combat the threat (Incidents not acknowledged in any Marvel movie or series outside of AOS).


Well the producers of Marvel’s Inhumans plan to address aspects of those storylines in the upcoming first season of the series set to debut this fall. In an interview with, producer Scott Buck states “We have to be aware of what else is happening in the universe because our characters, especially those who happen to live on Earth, are aware of all those things. So we can’t pretend that that has not happened. We can’t pretend that Terrigenesis from Agents of SHIELD has not been happening.”


While the statement is vague on how they plan to address the issues, there are questions that AOS fans will have regarding Inhumans like Daisy/Quake and others that are living on Earth completely unaware of Attilan and the Royal Family.


Series director Roel Reine agrees that tying The Inhumans to AOS is something that needs to be addressed, but he also wants to tie the history of The Inhumans into the bigger world of the Marvel universe, specifically the intergalactic world of the alien Kree. “Remember, Inhumans are a specific thing, but they also go back to the Kree and the Kree has kind of a big history in the Marvel language, so I was kind of trying to put a lot of Easter eggs in the episode where you see the Kree language and artwork. So I’m trying to tie into that world.” the director stated in the same interview.


How much influence and impact these shows have on each other remains to be seen, but I can virtually guarantee you they will no impact or acknowledgement in either the movies or the Netflix shows that are all in the “shared” universe.


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