Marvel Voices: Indigenous Voices #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jeffrey Veregge, Rebecca Roanhorse, Darcie Little Badger and Stephen Graham Jones

Art by Jeffrey Veregge, Weshoyot Alvitre, Kyle Charles and David Cutler

Colors by Lee Lougherbridge, Felipe Sobreiro and Cris Peter

Inks by Roberto Poggi

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Uatu the Watcher tells a series of stories of the indigenous heroes of the Marvel universe to enlighten and inspire.

Echo teams up with Captain Marvel to take on a swamp god terrorizing a small Badoon settlement. Once they reach the settlement, Echo will discover that nothing is what it seems including Captain Marvel. As she faces the threat looming over the settlement, the entity that brought her there watches her to make sure she’s ready for what comes next.

A really good short story that showcases what’s interesting about the character and her history while also teasing something bigger to come for the character in the future. There is some great art as well.

Dani and Rahne find themselves looking for a mutant boy from the local reservation who is on the run from the local sheriff. They track him through the desert with the help of one of the creatures he created and Dani decides to go in alone to try to reason with him. After talking to the young man about the safety Krakoa offers him, Dani is confronted with a powerful and personal question about where she belongs.

This is a great story that not only asks some interesting questions about mutants from indigenous nations, but also does a great job of showcasing the autonomy and identity of indigenous people.

Silver Fox and Trigo go on a secret mission into the heart of enemy territory. After infiltrating a fort built on their land, the pair proceed to use the cover of darkness and Trigo’s powers to sabotage the settlement and prevent anyone from building there again. As they finish their dark work, Trigo has a vision of Silver Fox’s future. A vision that will include tragedy to come.

Another great story that is subtle in how it unfolds and utterly compelling along the way. A great narrative and visual journey.

Marvel Voices: Indigenous Voices #1



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