Marvel Reveals the Members of The Pride for Hulu's The Runaways

Last week, I reported that Marvel and Hulu had released the names of the cast of the new series The Runaways, based on the Brian K. Vaughn series. Today they released the names of the members of the Runaways greatest foes: The Pride. Who just so happen to be their parents.

The Runaways comprise a group of kids who leave their homes and go on the run after finding out their parents are villains. Those parents are members of a criminal organization known as The Pride. They use their powers, intellect and influence to control all organized crime in Los Angeles. In the comics, The Pride was powerful enough to keep other villains out and even earned the respect of The Kingpin.

For the Hulu series, Marvel has announced who will be playing the parents of the Runaways.


Ryan Sands (The Wire) plays Geoff Wilder, a crime lord who operates out of Los Angeles.


Angel Parker (The People vs O.J. Simpson) plays Catherine Wilder, a loyal and loving mother who is also a ruthless crime lord alongside her husband.


Kip Pardue (Ray Donovan) plays Frank Dean, a former actor and alien living in secret on Earth.

82572-34021-leslie-deanActress Annie Wersching arrives to attend a premiere of the Fox network series "24" in New York

Annie Wersching (24) plays Leslie Dean, another alien with a talent for drawing people to her through her charm and charisma.


James Yaegashi (Daredevil) plays Robert Minoru, a sorcerer who dabbles in the dark arts while trying to maintain an orderly existence.


Brittany Ishibashi (This is Us) plays Tina Minoru, a perfectionist who also uses Dark Magic to her own ends as the wielder of the Staff of One.


James Marsters (Angel) plays Victor Stein, a brilliant but mad scientist determined to save the world, his way.


Ever Carradine (The Handmaid’s Tale) plays Janet Stein, a brilliant scientist who is a devoted mother willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of her family.


Kevin Weisman (Alias) plays Dale Yorkes, a time-traveling thief who poses as an antiques dealer along with his wife. Inventor of advanced weapons.


Brigid Brannagh (Army Wives) plays Stacey Yorkes a fellow time-traveling criminal who is devoted to her family but is often considered self-righteous and obnoxious.

Both Hulu and Marvel seem to be moving full steam ahead with this project and are confident in it enough to release the full cast list. Let’s hope that it comes together soon and that we get our first look at the pilot even sooner.


Are you a fan of The Runaways? What do you think of the cast? Leave a comment below.

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