Marvel Comics is looking to bring together all of the Avengers squads for an event that none of them could face alone.


Avengers: No Surrender is a weekly event that will run in the pages of Avengers and will feature not only the Avengers, but the Uncanny Avengers and the USAvengers as well. Marvel Comics VP Tom Brevoort is featured in the new trailer talking about the event stating; “There is no surrender in this because this is a do or die situation. Either the Avengers win out or save the day or there is no day to be saved tomorrow.”

Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Axel Alonso is also featured in the trailer and he says; “This is an epic story and one of the great advantages that we have in the comic book medium is we have an unlimited special effects budget. Stuff that you can’t away with in movies because it’s too expensive, we can do no problem, and that’s exactly what we intend to do.”


From the trailer you can see The Black Order including Proxima Midnight and Ebony Maw and the story is said to be the catalyst for the return of Bruce Banner as the Hulk.

Avengers: No Surrender will begin in the pages of Avengers #675 in January.

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