Magic #4

Boom! Studios

Written by Jed MacKay

Art by Ig Guara

Colors by Ariana Consonni

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: With accusations being leveled all over the city, a new piece of evidence could be enough to start a war.

The Guildmasters are consulting with Firemind in the aftermath of their discovery of Duskmantle. With the evidence they have gathered so far, the most likely suspects for the attacks on their guilds falls to Dimir, the one guild that has vanished from the city. Confident in their hypothesis, Firemind departs, but the Guildmasters still have doubts.

After returning to their homes, they are visited in the night by the leader of the Dimir who has information that they do not. Information that will lead them to an unlikely suspect and a power they have not faced before. Armed with new suspicions, they proceed to gather their forces to confront the suspect, but the people of the city and its security forces have other ideas.

The Story: The intrigue and mystery of the plot continues to be engaging and riveting to me as a reader. MacKay does a great job of bringing the reader into this world and crafting a plot that allows you to connect with the characters and the stakes of their mission. The story does a great job of keeping the reader invested and the mystery keeps one involved and invested in what comes next.

The Art: Ig Guara delivers some stunning art throughout the issue. There are so many great visual moments and the details in the characters are amazing.

Magic #4



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