Maestro #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Peter David

Art by German Peralta

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Hulk continues to explore this strange, new world and discovers it might not be as dead as he believed.

Everywhere around Hulk is destruction and decay. The world is in tatters and with every new location, Hulk gets angry at what he sees as the final stupidity of humanity. After making his way to the remains of Washington DC, Hulk discovers that he might not be the only one left on the surface of a dying planet. After following a survivor below ground, Banner will discover an old enemy leading a group of survivors. But more importantly, he will discover that there is still a thriving city in the ruins of New York.

A city ruled over by someone calling himself the “Maestro”.

Hulk will venture out into the wasteland and discover new and interesting things and people along the way as he makes his way to New York to seek an audience with its new, and very familiar, leader.

Relics – Two survivors tasked with collecting superhero relics come upon something that one of them will find themselves worthy of. A good short that is fun for fans of the previous storyline.

The Story: Peter David takes readers on a dark, emotional journey in this issue. Not only does the character have moments of regret, anger and hope, but the reader gets to see the seeds of Banner’s final transformation take root. The story is really interesting and the characters that have survived are interesting as well. The call backs to the Future Imperfect storyline are well done and the final reveal is both amusing and intriguing for what comes next.

The Art: German Peralta does an amazing job of conveying the dark tone of this story through the art. There are moments of great emotion from Hulk captured just in the eyes that I really enjoyed. Also, the final reveal at the end of the issue was framed perfectly.

Maestro #2



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