X Of Swords: Creation #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by Pepe Larraz

Colors by Marte Gracia

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: A powerful threat gathers in Otherworld and Apocalypse’s sins will come back to haunt him.

An army cuts a swath of destruction across Otherworld and their next target is the Starlight Citadel. It’s powerful guardian Saturnyne is warned of the impending attack and begins her plans for what she has foreseen will happen next. After gathering her power, including forces beyond understanding, she prepares to read the cards that will predict the coming events.

At the same time, Apocalypse tries to convince the Council to prepare for an attack after his expeditionary team comes back with Banshee injured and Unus a prisoner. After not getting the answer he wanted, a volunteer force is established to breach the gate and rescue Unus with Apocalypse in the lead. When they arrive they discover destruction, betrayal and that they are players in a game whose outcome is unknown.

Back on Earth, a probe of Banshee’s mind shows some dark truths. Truths that will prompt Scott and Jean to take unexpected action.

The Story: Jonathan Hickman does not disappoint with another story that is filled with mystery, intrigue and surprises. I was blown away by the depth of story found in this issue and how the tone of the story drew me in as a reader. All of the exposition and character moments felt necessary. Nothing felt wasted and I was gratified with how it ended and what it alludes to next. An incredibly well done story that grabbed my attention and kept me engaged throughout.

The Art: Pepe Larraz builds beautiful visual worlds throughout this issue. Not only is every page visually impressive, but Larraz captures the tone of the story with every page. There is a beautiful sense of scale and magnitude to these pages and they draw you in from start to finish.

X Of Swords: Creation #1



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