Lucifer-Comic-1-CoverLucifer #1

DC Comics/ Vertigo 

Written by Dan Watters

Art by Max Fiumara and Sebastian Fiumara

Colors by Dave McCaig

Letters by Steve Wands

As a shadowy figure recounts the story of Lucifer’s fall from grace, the demon himself is in a world where none of his powers and schemes can help him to escape. Lucifer continues to work to find a way to escape and his plans continue to be thwarted until he finds out who is behind his imprisonment.


In the real world, a police detective named John Decker is dealing with an all-too human problem. His wife’s condition is getting worse and there’s nothing he can do about it. After taking her on a drive, tragedy strikes and her message to him leads him on a quest that takes him hurtling towards the unknown.

The first issue of Lucifer does a good job of creating and crafting this world. I enjoyed it for the different directions the story took, especially the Decker storyline. I really want to know where that story is going and how it connects to Lucifer and his attempts to escape. I like the slower pace of this issue as well because it takes the time to establish the characters, conflicts and story elements and all of them are interesting.

The art is great in this issue and there are some great panels that showcase both horror and humor.

Lucifer #1




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