LowRoadWest_001_A_MainLow Road West #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Flaviano

Colors by Miquel Muerto

Letters by Jim Campbell

On its way west across the country, a bus stops miles outside any major city. On board are a group of children of varying ages and ethnicities brought together by the sobering truth that they are survivors of a devastating nuclear attack on Washington D.C. Forced to move west as refugees, these strangers find themselves forced to work together when their bus driver abandons them in the desert.


As the children move out into the world looking for help, they are attacked by deserters from the conflict and are rescued by a mystery warrior. As they make their way to a strange house, secrets are revealed about the youngest member of the group. Secrets that are strange in origin including bringing things back from the dead. The kids find themselves in a strange house trying to hide from the bandits as well as an incoming storm, but the house has its own secrets and the little boy who can raise the dead might be exactly what is needed to unearth them.

I was fascinated and engaged with this first issue. I like that the writer decided to dedicate the first issue to the kids instead of the conflict. As interesting as the events in the wider world sound, the focus on this group held my attention and the supernatural elements added to the story made me want to know what happens next.

The art does a great job of bringing a gritty, detailed feel to the world and the characters and I really enjoyed how both were rendered. Both the shadows and colors really enhance the art and by extension the dark tone of the story.

Low road west #1




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