Love Everlasting #15

Image Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Elsa Charretier

Colors by Matt Hollingsworth

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The Cowboy takes Joan somewhere where he can finally tell her the truth.

Joan finds herself on the run from her latest paramour when the cowboy beats her to it and kills him in front of her before kidnapping her and taking her through the woods. After finding a place where they can be safe for the time being, Joan is given one of the cowboy’s guns and the perfect opportunity to kill him and escape.

Instead, she decides to listen to his story. A story she cannot believe, but begins to question as he tells her about her trips through time and the inevitable end of her relationships including the deaths she faces at his hand and others. A story that will culminate in the revelations about her mother as the woman makes her way to confront her wayward daughter.

The Story: King creates a deeply involving, provocative and engaging story in this issue. The story creates some interesting and tragic complications for Joan in the issue as well as craft some intense moments between her and the cowboy. I really liked the progression of this story and how it culminates in a tense and surprising confrontation between Joan and her mother including what it means for her going forward.

The Art: Charretier delivers beautifully immersive art throughout the issue. The visuals perfectly capture the dark, tragic and romantic tone of the story.

Love Everlasting #15



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