The Last Mermaid #4

Image Comics

Written by Derek Kirk Kim

Art by Derek Kirk Kim

Colors by Derek Kirk Kim

Letters by Derek Kirk Kim

The Rundown: The mermaid meets a mysterious human who might know the location of something she seeks.

The giant creature that the mermaid barely escaped continues its attack and the young human who revealed himself to her is trying to stop it. After reluctantly teaming up, the pair manage to kill the creature and as the young human prepares to leave, the mermaid attempts to communicate with him.

After he reveals his name, he proceeds to help her repair her mech and the pair decide to travel together to a location the mermaid has been seeking. A location that might hold the answers she seeks, but is through mutant infested desert.

The Story: Derek Kirk Kim creates some great drama and tension throughout the issue. Not only does the story begin with awesome action and thrills, but it does an amazing job of introducing new conflict and mystery with its characters. Torque is an interesting character and his introduction creates some great drama while also deepening the mystery of the story and adding new elements to it that engaged me as a reader.

The Art: The art is beautifully detailed and creates some fantastic action and thrills. It also creates some great character moments with each character having some great visual emotions.

The Last Mermaid #4



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